Timeout Equine and Pet Sitting Service

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I enjoy sites like this. They’re a-tra­di­tion­al, mild­ly grungy, not dark, but not light and use com­plete­ly non-stan­dard col­ors. I have to hand it to the client on this one. She had a vision and made me real­ize it. I love work­ing with clients who know exact­ly what they want and wring it out of me in the short­est pos­si­ble time.

This is a cus­tom Word­Press theme built from scratch. I’ve used this theme before and changed the graph­ics and styles to suit the client. I have not, how­ev­er, done it with such a depar­ture from the nor­mal col­or schemes so preva­lent on the web. She want­ed it to stand out and be dif­fer­ent, and I’d have to say it meets those require­ments.

Timeout Equine and Pet Sitting Service

Time­out Equine and Pet Sit­ting Ser­vice

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