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I think that the whole ADD thing is overplayed, but I can’t shake the feeling that there might be some merit to it.  I remember Louis Black talking about the start of the current war in Iraq and how the news stations went nuts with the scrolling tickers and overlays with movement and crazy colors.  It got me thinking about information overload and why we subject ourselves to it.

Keeping the day in perspective

Keeping the day in perspective

Since I started working independently, I’ve had to learn a few valuable lessons that I don’t think I could have learned without them smacking me in the face.  I learned that outsourcing those things that you aren’t good at is a good idea.  I’ve learned that no one person can do everything.  I’ve learned that good time management is more valuable than a good assistant.  I’ve learned that a PDA is only as good as the information you bother putting in it.  I would have learned them all faster if I had discovered Simpleology sooner.

I’m not getting paid to say this, and I’m in no way affiliated with Simpleology or Mark Joyner, I just truly dig the program.  I dig it enough to do an unsolicited plug.

What it is, for those of us who voluntarily chain ourselves to a computer all day, is a godsend.  If you run Windows or Mac OS (which I don’t), you can join the program and get the 101 course for free.  After you sign up, you can download tools to help you manage your time that install directly to your desktop.  One of them that I particularly like is called the “Browser Bodyguard.”  When I did run Windows, it kept me from burning countless hours on Facebook and YouTube watching videos of cats and playing Mafia Wars.

The real value in the program, though, is what Mark calls your “Daily Target Praxis.”  It’s a simple means of keeping you focused on major goals so that your daily goals can move you closer to them.  The system is as genius as it is simple, but without the software, people like me get lost in a sea of stupid details.

When I go through my 15 minutes of day planning, I get reminded of  the fact that I don’t need to actually do much of the stuff I thought I had to finish.  I can say that not needing to do the stupid stuff saves me hours of work and gets me to the daily finish line faster.  Funny, until I figured that out I forgot why I went independent in the first place.

Long and short, check out Simpleology and see if it works for you.  If you’re in business for yourself and you’re tied to a computer, you just might find the tool as indispensable as I do.

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