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8 Tips for Adding a Compelling Page or Blog Post

Oct 16th, 2009 | By | Category: How-To

I’ve devel­oped a lot of web­sites over the years, for a lot of peo­ple. I’ve devel­oped them for peo­ple who were seri­ous about mak­ing them work, and I’ve done them for peo­ple who were just dip­ping their toe in the Inter­net pool. What I’ve learned is, peo­ple with no goals when it comes to the on-line expe­ri­ence won’t last long. I’ve done some spec­tac­u­lar work for peo­ple who lost inter­est after the fact, not because I wasn’t there to help them along the way, but because they didn’t know what they were doing there in the first place.

Using Template Files In WordPress

Oct 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: How-To

For some rea­son my clients always have weird require­ments for pages. Thank­ful­ly, Word­press has a way. I remem­ber read­ing a post on a forum recent­ly where a user asked the ques­tion, “I cre­at­ed a Page and on that Page I want to list all posts in a spec­i­fied cat­e­go­ry. How do I do this?” Nat­u­ral­ly, one user decid­ed to tell the guy it was impos­si­ble and that he should just stick to the sta­tus quo. This post is more for that doo­fus than it is for the guy who asked.