O.M.F.G. This Sucks

Oct 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Portfolio

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This was a fun project for a local friend.  The point was to poke fun at bad design and maybe make a few enemies in the process.  I think it worked.

The site was designed to be kitschy and obnoxious, which I think we accomplished, but it was also supposed to be simple.  No movement (that isn’t an ad) and no crazy plugins that do crazy things…  Just a site where you can go and get a laugh at the expense of others.  The header was made in the GIMP, which is one of my favorite image editors (I can hear other designers snickering).  In actuality, I really dig this site for looks.   The content is a matter of personal taste.  Several of the sites featured have been re-designed, so I guess it’s working…

The original theme is called Japan Style.  It was a decent theme, but I really only wanted the paper images from it.  The CSS is different as well as the header and behavior.

OMFG This Sucks!

OMFG This Sucks!

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