My Ex The Nutjob

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This site was done for a friend. It’s a sim­ple Word­Press blog with some real­ly offen­sive col­ors. It’s an exam­ple of when using warn­ing col­ors is a good thing.

The goal of the site is for my friend (and any­one else he invites) to blog about his expe­ri­ences with his ex-girl­friend, their child and her inabil­i­ty to deal with / in real­i­ty. I sel­dom get involved in the pol­i­tics of the thing, but I do design accord­ing to sub­ject. Hav­ing been there, I had a good bit of inspi­ra­tion.

I made heavy use of golds, oranges and yel­lows in this design, with reds as accent col­ors. Prob­a­bly the only non-offen­sive col­or in the whole mess is the blue text. I’m espe­cial­ly proud of the dev­il horns as major head­ing mark­ers. It’s some­thing to behold. His cur­rent wife said, “It’s pret­ty!” when she saw it. What­ev­er you say, sweety.

I did his Twit­ter account as well. Based on the fact that he hasn’t added con­tent in a while, maybe she found out about it…

My Ex the Nutjob

My Ex the Nutjob

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