Mid-Atlantic Equine and Pet Network

Sep 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Portfolio

I was approached by a friend to join the Mid-Atlantic Equine and Pet Network. I’m not much of an animal guy, but do a lot of animal related sites. I suppose that’s why I got the nod.

The goal for this site was a minimally configured, classy web presence with horse owners in mind, but the group members as the focal point. The template is based on Hybrid, by Justin Tadlock.  This is a great framework that lots of designers like to use rather than start from scratch with a blank CSS file.  The plan is to turn this site into a knowledgebase for equine / pet business articles.  I’ll keep developing it and adding features, but the design is pretty much fixed by the customer.  It was made to order, colors, graphics and fonts.

Mid Atlantic Equine and Pet Network

Mid Atlantic Equine and Pet Network

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