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This is anoth­er polit­i­cal site that was done using Word­Press. Gary man­ages the cam­paign of the last polit­i­cal site I did. The back­ground employs very wide (1400 px) jpgs that have a fab­ric tex­ture, and a lit­tle CSS3 for those of you that use a real brows­er like Fire­fox 3.5 or Safari (in case you missed it, that’s a jab at those of you who still use IE). The site should dis­play right in IE (as old as 7), though with­out the pret­ty font we chose.

We man­aged to get the image size for the site (the stuff that loads for each page by default to 133K. That’s pret­ty small con­sid­er­ing.

I’m not affil­i­at­ed with a polit­i­cal par­ty, but it seems Repub­li­cans hire me. What’s wrong Democ­rats? I don’t bite.

Com­ments and feed­back (con­struc­tive) appre­ci­at­ed.

Gary M. Collins

Gary M. Collins

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