Chesapeake Tree and Outside Services

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This website basically fell in my lap.  I needed some tree work done, and they needed a website.  No, Mr. Tax Man, we didn’t barter.  We just worked for each other.

As an organization, they are one of the better tree services in my area, and they actually care about saving as many trees as possible.  As a result, they wanted a classy website that resembled wood and had a good deal of natural color. I got to play around with this design, so there was a lot of room for experimentation.  It’s always fun to put some of yourself in a client design.  Now if I can only talk them into a real logo…

The owner of the site is an amazing photographer, so as I teach her how to manage the image gallery on her site, we should see some great photographs.

Chesapeake Tree and Outside Service

Chesapeake Tree and Outside Service

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