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theAkkadian is a a lose group of web designers and coders which was assembled by Aaron Nye for the purpose of providing real design to small and start-up businesses. The philosophy is simple. Provide high-class, usable, standards compliant, original, works of art that people can actually afford.

Design a Brand

Design a Brand

People run businesses, and people buy from businesses. If people can’t find what they’re looking for, or don’t know what you sell, there is no incentive for them to stick around. We give you the tools and the know-how to make your site what you want it to be. We also teach you what you’ll need to know later.

The tools available today make owning a website easier than ever, but only if you understand them. Rather than slice up some images and drop them on a website (or worse, hand them to you and let you figure out what to do with them), we get the whole thing set to your satisfaction, then teach you how to maintain it. No more gouging for updates, no more ridiculous turn around on simple tasks.

We believe that you own the finished product, and give you all source files used to create your site, your business cards, your letterhead and anything else you hired us to do.

On time, and done to your satisfaction is what we strive for.

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